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Earthwise Lawn Sweepers

Earthwise is a large, foldable wheeled lawn sweeper that can be used for both hard-to-reach areas and faster lawn sweeping. It has a blue or red light system that numbers the leaves on the field, and an loud sound to make it know that it's working closer to the edge. It also has a built-ininitions function that lets you write down the words "lawn"sweeper"outside"yard" in the event that you need to remember which direction to facing when sweeping.

Deals for Earthwise Lawn Sweepers

Earthwise is a company that specializes inbulk catalog #: 26gal
the earthwise lawn sweeper is a large, manageable tool that can be used to clean the grass and leaves on your lawn. The tool has a rearview behind you and is powered by push wheels, making it easy to move the tool. It has a 26gal bag of brushings in it, which makes it large enough to clean the grass and leaves on your lawn.
earthwise is a company that produces accurate lawn sweepers that are perfect for a variety of purposes. Their 26 gallon lawn sweeper is an adjustable walk behind cleaner that can be used to clean the front and back of the lawn. The walk behind cleaner is also adjustable to better suit the needs of your property. Additionally, their push leaf grass collector is perfect for collecting push leaf grass for use as part of a gardening project.
earthwise is a brand that specializes in cleaning up your grassy yard. With large walk behind push wheels, they're able to easily take care of grass and leaves. Whether you have a small lot or a full backyard, earthwise is the perfect tool for the job.